Fleeing from unspeakable hardships and violence, immigrants are arriving in border towns where they get stuck in an unforgiving and inhumane system.

These people inherited this crisis.

We must all move into a deeper understanding and move into direct action.

Regardless of your politics, human decency prevails. This is a humanitarian crisis far beyond politics or religious beliefs. Little Mercies is not affiliated with any political or religious groups. We emphasize that the work we do is backed by a basic human need, independent of any external influence.

We’re requesting that you step up.

A blanket costs $5.00.

There is nothing else to say and everything to do. 

Our Mission

Providing aid for vulnerable youth and those who support them, Little Mercies creates channels for simple kindness and distribution of essentials to ease the suffering of children living in the world’s harshest life conditions.

with your generosity, we provide:

  • Backpacks

  • Blankets

  • Pillows

  • Bandages/first aid

  • Clothing for a clothing closet

  • Shoes

  • Sanitary products

  • Colored pencils & crayons

  • Journals

  • Educational support

  • Transportation

  • Shelters

  • Food