We provide essentials for vulnerable youth.

Our current focus is migrant children living in the poorest of conditions while awaiting court dates in towns along the Mexican-American border.


One backpack with essential items, offering basic decency. One blanket gifted. One child with shoes to protect her feet. One child with a pillow, and a bandage for his blisters. A journal to draw in. Crayons to create. One coat.
One possibility. 
You are not a mistake and neither are they.

One child at a time: Little Mercies.

Little Mercies backpack children tijuana blankets $5

every parent’s child

Every parent and caretaker has packed a backpack for their child.


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Learn how you can make a difference with just a $5 donation.

‘Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.’
– Mahatma Gandhi

Especially heartbreaking is the suffering of children in our world. When the idea of Little Mercies was brought to me by Nicole Jon Sievers, it made absolute sense; yes, we can do this small thing that would help make a child’s life better one backpack at a time.
— Rebecca Ebsworth, Founder
What I didn’t expect was the pure love from these children who still felt held by invisible threads of goodness and a belief in human kindness. What I didn’t expect was that even the dirt felt like sanctuary and ease from what they left behind.
— Nicole Jon Sievers, Founder