One backpack with essential items, offering basic decency. One blanket gifted. One child with shoes to protect her feet. One child with a pillow, and a bandage for blisters. A journal to draw in. Crayons to create. One school uniform. One possibility. 

You are not a mistake and neither are they.



Your donation allows us to provide support for vulnerable youth living in the harshest environments.
See where your donation goes.

All donations are eligible for a receipt for tax deductions.



Pack a backpack and send it to
Border Angels/attn. FBT Lourdes Arias
2258 Island Ave.
San Diego, CA 92102
where it will be picked up and distributed by social workers in border towns in both Mexico and the U.S.


$5 equals a blanket

$7 equals a box of maxipads

$10 equals a case of water

$15 equals first aid essentials